How to Check if You Accidently Liked Any Instagram Posts

Posted by InstaDP on

The most obvious way to tell if you accidentally liked an Instagram post is to look below the post where you are given the option to like, comment, or share. If the heart icon is red, that indicates you liked the post.

But what if you are overly paranoid and need to double check that you haven’t accidentally liked a post from three days ago? Instagram allows you to view that as well!

First, go to your profile page, which you can access through the bottom right-hand corner. At the top, you will see the settings/options icon next to the “Edit Profile” tab. Once you click the icon, navigate to “Account,” and click on “Posts You’ve Liked.”  You will see an entire album of up to 300 most recent posts you’ve liked. If you wish to unlike a post, quickly click on the picture and either double tap on the post or click the heart icon.