Show Your Favorite Instagram Filters First/ Hide the Ones You Don’t Use

Posted by InstaDP on

If you’re an avid Instagram user, you know that there are only a few filters you actually use. Despite using two or three different filters, you still put each post through every other filter, doubling the amount of time it takes you to post your picture. Fortunately, Instagram allows you to hide the filters you don’t use and organize the ones you always use. All of your favorite, most-used filters will appear in the order you choose, cutting down your editing time.

To hide your least favorite filters:

  1. Click the + icon at the bottom of your feed to create a new post.
  2. Choose a picture, then click “Next.” The filters will appear below the picture.
  3. Slide your finger across the filters to reach the end.
  4. Click on “Manage.” A full list of filters will run down the page with a blue check mark next to each one.
  5. Click on the filter you wish to hide, and the check mark will disappear.

Additionally, you might discover more filters that weren’t displayed on your filters page. Select the ones you wish to add to your list of favorite filters.

To display your favorite filters:

  1. Remain in the “Manage Filters” page.
  2. To organize the filters in the preferred order, hold down on the filter, and move it up or down.

It’s simple and saves you time in the future.