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If you’re trying to download Instagram stories that one of your friends or favorite celebrities posted, there is no way to do it on Instagram. But you can do it easily with our with our website! Search in the top bar.

Instagram stories are a feature on Instagram that allows users to post photos or videos that vanish after 24 hours. When a user shares a story, it is ephemeral meaning it can’t be viewed once 24 hours have elapsed. If you’re trying to download an Instagram story that one of your friends or favorite celebrity has posted there is no way to do it on Instagram.

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Instagram stories downloader is fast, easy and simple. Enter a username to view stories of a user anonymously or to download their amazing story to your desktop or mobile phone.

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With our website, you can download your story and share it on other social media. You can also download other amazing stories from other creators to save them for offline viewing.

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When you view someone’s story they can check and see who viewed it. If you search and view it on our website the user will not see that you viewed it.

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