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What is an Insta dp?

Instagram dp (display picture) is the main image uploaded to a user’s profile. This is a public photo that is displayed to be viewed by anyone. Most users upload a high-resolution image but Instagram shows a cropped and compressed version to help with speed and bandwidth usage. The image is cropped and compressed into a circle which loses a lot of quality. Currently Instagram does not have any way for you to view this image in full resolution. This is why we built Instadp search tool.

Have you ever wanted to see someone’s Instagram profile picture in full size? Our search tool lets you do that for free! All that you need to do is enter a username to search privately and securely. No sign in required. You can save our website in your computer browser bookmarks or mobile device home screen. Bookmarking our website allows you to quickly access it whenever you need to search someone.

Note that we are not affiliated with Instagram.

How does Instadp get the original size picture?

When you search a user with our search tool, we request the original size image from Instagram servers. If the user you are searching has an HD picture available we display it in our advanced profile picture viewer. Our profile picture viewer allows you to zoom and see everything in great detail.

What is Instagram?

There are hundreds if not thousands of social networks on the internet. Launched in 2010 and acquired by Facebook in 2012 for a whopping 1 billion dollars, Instagram is currently the leading photo and video sharing social network. Mobile phones have become ever-increasingly affordable and mobile camera technology has become so good its comparable to many DSLR cameras. The growing trend and obsession with mobile photography in the recent years has helped Instagram amass an outstanding 800 million+ users worldwide. Over 40 billion photos and videos have been shared on the platform in the recent years. Over 95 million posts are shared every day!

With so many users on Instagram every day businesses have been jumping onto the platform in record numbers. Many Instagram celebrities have been able to monetize their fame and make millions of dollars by promoting products provided by businesses to their followers. "Followers" have become a sought-after commodity. Some users spend thousands of dollars on follower acquisitions to make themselves look more popular than they are. Real organic followers are much more valuable since they are more likely to interact with your account and bring more value to you in the long run. For tips on how to get more followers on Instagram please visit our homepage on instadp and and scroll down to “5 simple tips to get Instagram followers in 2018”.

Do you have an app?

Instadp is an amazing tool. If you have an iPhone or Android we have good news for you. Our app Qeek for Instagram is a native mobile app that allows you to view profile pictures in full size. The app provides an awesome user experience and is even faster than our website.

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